Episode 30

What is the Gay Agenda? Is It Kinda Like Evangelism?

In this episode, Brandon, Katie, and Sam discuss Lil Nas X's debut album and respond to a listener question from a friend of the pod in Cape Town, South Africa. What are the benefits of evangelism? Are there disadvantages? (Spoiler: yes, lots of disadvantages!) And are Christians merely projecting their behaviors on gay people? Or are gay people attempting to make gay disciples, Oprah style? You get homosexuality! You get homosexuality! Everyone gets homosexuality! (Spoiler: the gays are not evangelizing you!)

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Brandon is a loud singing, whiskey drinking, Black-people-loving former pastor who is done with organized religion. He is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, birthplace of hot chicken, and is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia – the city that thinks it is too busy to hate.