Episode 26

On Afghanistan & Nation Building (Why Context Matters)


Moderna Using COVID19 Research for HIV Vaccine Trials

  • Blavity: Moderna Using Its COVID19 Research To Spearhead Clinical Trials for HIV Vaccine
  • Them.: Moderna Is About to Begin Trials for HIV Vaccine Based on COVID19 Research

The Fall of Afghanistan

  • NPR: A Mission to Give Afghanistan Democracy Became a Bid to Repair America’s Own
  • Blavity: Disturbing Footage Shows Afghans Clinging to Moving Plan to Flee Country
  • The Grio: Crises in Afghanistan and Haiti Turn White House Upside Down: Sh*t Show
  • NY Times: The War in Afghanistan: How It Started, How It Is Ending
  • HuffPost: Taliban Makes Vague Promise On Women’s Rights in First Press Conference


Brandon, Katie, and Sam discuss the role and meaning of sacred texts, biblical criticism, and leveling up your scripture reading practices.

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