Episode 20

The Olympics Be Racist AF


This week, Brandon, Katie, and Sam discuss the proliferation of racist micro-and-macroaggressions leading up to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, including the suspension of Sha'Carri Richardson (NBC) and the banning of a swim cap designed for natural hair (CBS).

The church announcements also include discussions about the subversive joy of Lil Nas X's pop stardom (NY Times) and the shifting landscape of religion in America (NPR).


If your spiritual life were an Olympic sport, which would it be? This week's WOP is inspired by a question from TSHP listener Daniel from Georgia. After engaging the initial question, the TSHP cast discusses faith, spirituality, and learning to cultivate a relationship with God outside of church and Sunday morning.

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Brandon Thomas

Brandon is a loud singing, whiskey drinking, Black-people-loving former pastor who is done with organized religion. He is a native of Nashville, Tennessee, birthplace of hot chicken, and is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia – the city that thinks it is too busy to hate.